Making of Ladybug

My first first movie using stop motion technique!

How to draw using Adobe Ideas for iPad
Music credits: “Red Garland-Hey Now”, sound by Believe UMG

4 thoughts on “Making of Ladybug

  1. Thanks a lot for advising me about the video… I ‘ll try to change it with a youtube one 🙂
    Well, what can I say about Red Garland?….just I love “block chord” style…. piano jazz!

  2. I couldn’t stay very long at the party so missed you. Thought I’d check out your blog anyway. I had to comment on this particular post because, though I can’t see it (“This video can’t be played with your present set up!”) It says you used a Red Garland track. Not many people know of him nowadays. Except for us classy types. So welcome to the club! I am enjoying your other drawings, though.

  3. Thanks EllieAnn. I’m glad you like it! I’m new in this blog world and I think the most interesting think is discovering and meeting other lovely people.

  4. I love this! I found you from Susie Lindau’s site and I’m so happy I did. =)

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