Hi I’m Claudia, an italian mum and User Experience Designer from London.

I have a seven year old daughter, Sofia (of course!!!) and a lovely husband (smuuuuuack!).

I just love illustrations and drawings so I created this blog to publish my creations about a crazy-coffee lover Ladybug, a little baby Sofi and a lovely Heart.

Hope you enjoy it.

If you want to contact me, please, complete the following form πŸ™‚

Thanks a lot for following Sofi’s adventures!!

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  1. Forgot to say hi Claudia, I’m Lynette from Malaysia. I have 3boys, we yearns for a little girl in future and my hub has already said he will name her Claudia if god ever bless us with a little princess!

  2. This is such a cute little blog! I wish you the best of luck, I really look forward to your posts (I just love your little bug doodles~!)

    Thank you also, very kindly, for checking my blog out as well (I know I just started but it’s blogs like yours that will inspire me to keep it up!) ❀

  3. haha! love your coffee-loving ladybug – that’s soooo funny!! haha.. so what does that make me? coffee-loving rat? (born in a rat yr..)

  4. hey just found out your blog , its most adorable and was recommended by savorthefood.wordpress.com, we can connect well, I happen to be a coffee lover too πŸ™‚

  5. So here’s the thing. I never realized that your name was Claudia. I always thought your name was Sofi! Never knew that Sofi was the ladybug. Silly me.

    My name is also Claudia!

  6. Hello Claudia, thank you for visiting my blog and for the like in my last post, by the way very nice blog I love the art you have here πŸ™‚

  7. I love that your blog is so simple, yet so pretty and very original. This is great ❀

  8. Thanks for liking my review!
    I like the layout of your blog!
    Also, nice artwork! It’s cute and pleasant, and I like the minimalism. Funny too (like “Need a Coffee”).

  9. This is one lovely blog you have!!! Thanks for liking my post, i just had to follow you!!! =D Many thanks and keep the lovely illustrations! Hughs!!!

  10. Hi Sophie! You have really pretty illustrations here in your blog.:) It is a good thing that you liked my post, I was able to discover your blog. Kudos to your artworks!:)

  11. Thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts! Your site and your artwork is really really cute!!!x

  12. thank you for liking my post! i like the cool drawings especially the one about London 2012. πŸ˜€

  13. Hi! First of all, thanks for liking some of my posts. I’m honored that you liked my doodles. It’s the first time I visited your blog and you are amazing! I love your drawings! This would be my first time to follow someone here on WordPress and I know its worth the follow! God bless you and Sofi more! :’)

  14. Thanks for stopping by. I love (love!) your blog; it is super cute and very well done. Your posts are really interesting. Thanks for finding me, so I could find you. =)

  15. Thanks for the like:) I love your work, so I’ll take it as big compliment. I’ll be sure to check out more of your stuff in the future.

  16. Hello there! And thank you for visiting me! What a lovely blog this is, sometimes the web takes you to amazing places where wonderful people make beautiful things! Hurrah! Hope to see lots more of your creations!

  17. Dear Sofi! You are fantastic illustrator! I enjoyed a lot πŸ™‚
    thank you for your kind attention to my work – that feels like a great compliment! XX lots of love! Sasha

  18. Hi Sofi, thank you for liking my blog, and for the follow and the One Lovely Blog nomination! Your illustrations are gorgeous, I love your ladybirds especially πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work!
    All the best, Liz

  19. wooooww… thanks a lot… I’m going to publish right now a post about it…..and “smuackling” you a lot in it…. of course!!
    super smuack!!!!

  20. Hi Sofi! How nice of you to drop by and for following my blog. I’m sure that we’ll be the best of friends! I like you very much already!

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