My IG account: insights from Statigram

Good morning everybody 🙂

Today I was surfing my Instagram account @thesofisworld on a web viewer called Statigram.

It’s always very interesting to see how your account works especially if you are planning to start working with you numbers! You can see if you’re doing well, what your followers like most, if they are engaged with your work and especially how your account is growing!

Hope you enjoy it!

Following some stats! :-)statigram-my-top-five-photo statigram

I love Oslo


Here you have another character, a viking one, for the World Wide Bug Project.

Oslo is such a beautiful city! I’m going to visit it next summer: any suggestion for places, restaurant, exhibitions?

Please, let me know!

Valentine’s day giveaway ❤ -CLOSED-

GIVEAWAY CLOSED  – Image Sent 🙂  If you subscribed, please, let me know if you received the giveaway! 🙂 hope you enjoy it!

Valentine’s day is coming and I have created a little lovely image for this special day. If you want to receive it directly on your email for sharing it with your love follow these simple rules.

1) Go and visit the blog
2) Subscribe by email
3) Confirm your subscribtion

Done it!
This giveaway expires by 13th february.
Once closed (I’ll announce it on the post) I’ll collect all your emails and send the image directly to you so you can share it with the person you love.

Hope you enjoy this little initiative and moreover your Valentine’s day.
A big big smmmmuack everyone.