68 thoughts on “COFFEE

  1. Coffee…You are after my own heart with this one. I do adore coffee in all it’s form. Coffee is the lifeform in a cup that I drink to survive. Must drink to live.

  2. I spend a lot of time in Starbugs—next time you see an old goat in the corner scribbling furiously and muttering to himself, come over and give me a nudge.
    (For whatever reason we call them ‘ladybirds’ … damned if I don’t think ‘ladybugs’ is better somehow …)

  3. Haha. This totally made me smile!
    That lady bug is definitely me! I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 11, when my dad introduced me to his percolator!
    Now that I’m saved, I found out it’s the “norm” that Baptists have coffee together. So it’s still a big part of my life.

  4. Thanks Ladybug for your like on my blog…Seems to have the same passion about coffee:)! Excellent blog and clear, clever and curious pictures…Brilliant!

  5. Oh, these are wonderful…love your work and the blog. Thank you for visiting and the like on my coffee piece! Have a great start to 2013…coffee is a daily ritual for me 🙂

  6. thanks for peeking in on my blog. I really like your fun style on your blog. I am a coffee lover and I saw a cooking show recently where the chef incorporated coffee into a rub on steaks, the judges thought it was great. I have never really got into expresso but enjoyed some great cappucino in Rome, across from the colisseum. great memory!

  7. Well I will tell you the rest of the story since you are from Rome. We were on a family vacation, myself, my wife and our two kids. We had lunch at the restaurant across from the Coliseum and the food, and cappucinos were the best. The food was great everywhere but too expensive when we were close to the Vatican museum but that is another story. The best food was from restaurants where the locals shopped, and great gelatos. Back to the restaurant, the server was wearing a green soccer cap and I liked it, and he asked me if I liked soccer etc. I do but don’t watch the league on the cap often and in Canada the cap would not available easily. He plucked his brand new cap off his head and gave it to me. I wore that cap all over Rome and I will never forget how charming and generous. It seemed that Rome was like that, warm and relaxed which was the opposite of London, England which was cold and so many people who lived there seemed unhappy.

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