27 thoughts on “LADYBUG

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog… just in the nick of time!
    I have a little round footstool and just last night decided it needs to be a ladybug! I penciled in an arc for the head, and split it down the middle for some wings. I decided it is a bright yellow ladybug, so I started with a light yellow paint on the wings… I figure to layer on brighter, golder, oranger, redder yellows to get the shade I want. But I have no idea how to make this work. Do I find a bug book and go for realistic? Or come up with my own idea of what this lady looks like? And the this morning, before I can even google “ladybug images”, I come across your blog with your adorable ladybugs. So I’ve decided I’m going for whimsey!
    It all has to take place within a circle that’s about eight inches in diameter on a stool that’s no more than six inches tall. (I said it was small!)
    I will link to you and show you what I come up with! Thanks for the inspiration. I love your illustrations!

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